Friday, October 3, 2008

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thing #23

My favorite exercises in working with Library2Play have been Photostory, setting up a blog, playing with Flickr, LibraryThing booklists, and exploring YouTube and TeacherTube. It made me think about things I could use in my classroom and for personal use. It will help me set some of my goals as well. Nothing really surprised me in this experience, but I have a ton of take-a-ways. I will be using the blog in my class this year as well as Flickr mashups and mosaics, and trading card maker. I have already started planning things for the class. I would not try to fix much of any thing. I would love to participate in another one of your discovery programs, if it was something I wanted to discover. My experience in a word, AWESOME!!! Thanks for all the information.

Thing #22

Nings look to be similar to blogs, except they are for a specific idea, item, train of thought. You join a ning just like you would blogs. I am a member of facebook, myspace, and and I do like being able to talk to people from anywhere. The difference with Ning is that it is for a certain common likeness. I looked a teacherlingo. I liked how teachers offered their lesson plans that could help others. I found two immediately that I would like to use next year. Nings are beneficial at collaborating with others in your field.

Thing #21

Since I do not have any recording equipment, I decided to do a Photostory. It was very simple to put together, once I decided on the photos and sound I wanted to put into it. I think I will be using this product many more times after this.

Thing #20

I found this video on YouTube called The Librarian Song. Although comical, very much what librarians should be about.

Here is a video from TeacherTube called anamanics The Nations of the World.

Using videos in the classroom to get a point across to students is wonderful. Students today are very visual when it comes to learning.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Thing #19

When I looked at the Web 2.0 award list, I found several that I am going to use next year in my class. There are so many to choose from. I liked the geneology site: myheritage. It was very easy to put together and students could use it to work on historical information of their own. I will definately be using LibraryThing for my class as well as Flickr and YouTube sometimes. There are so many tools to use that go along with all these sites.

Thing #18

I joined google docs. I like that I am already a member of google, so I am not having to join something new. I also like how google docs is very easy to work. I didn't have a problem uploading already made docs to it as well as make docs from scratch. I also like how you can share with others your docs.